Weight Loss/ Weight Management Simple Exercise

Weight Loss/Weight Management Simple Exercise


my feet are walkingYou Hate Going to the Gym…You Just Want to Lose Weight, have more energy and… some Simple exercise

Imagine looking and feeling fantastic in jeans again, and wearing all your favourite clothes confidently without… having to buy new clothes to try and fit into!

Are you still asking yourself … How can I lose weight Fast? Tried everything and it all seems to come back and more…and the jeans have definitely become squishy, and I can’t even fit into my favourite clothes; let alone lose weight.  I just want to have more energy and feel alive!

Are you like me and just dread going the Gym?  You feel totally embarrassed as you try to do the exercises they give you; and when you look around others just don’t seem to have any trouble. Uugh! You know you need to do something, but does it have to be going to the Gym? All I want is simple exercise and lose weight!

You mutter to yourself… there’s got to be something else out there that I can do without going to that blasted gym.? And … How the heck, am I supposed to fit it in with all this stuff I have to do? I’m just as busy when I get home from work. All I want is simple exercise!”

So… you are telling me that “With only Ten- Minutes out of my day every day, I too can have that breakthrough” and lose weight.

Yes …Its Only Ten Minutes of your day! It’s a home based program called Ten- Minute Total Body Breakthrough. Okay, before you jump in and say you can’t do it, I can… give you some simple strategies with incidental movements through-out the day that can truly get you started, and then… move onto the Ten Minute program

That’s right. No Gym is needed! The program covers the four elements of a good total body workout.

Through a simple process that will:


      • Define your priorities and where you are at, and where you want to be 
      • Removes any hassles, gives you the support you need when things get tough


      • Tailors a program to fit in with your busy lifestyle,
      • Gives you the insights on how to fuel your body with the right food groups to give you energy you need, and…
      • You have all the  time and energy  you want, achieve your goal, feel in Control,  and… Unstoppable!

Why Energisus?

      • Programs are simple, easy to follow
      • the attention paid to helping you change your mindset with simple steps, so you will be successful, and have clarity of purpose – we call it the Slight Edge
      • Buddy support system to encourage and support you along your wellness journey
      • Access to the best Preventative Health Professionals who are willing to share their Intellectual Property through workshops, the internet and membership sites
      • Affordable


So, let’s take the first step…Start now and call Gail on 0488 119297 or leave your details