How to be in Solution Mode in Setting Goals


How to be in Solution Mode in Setting Goals  

How to be in Solution Mode in Setting Goals. This blog is based on a recent talk by Dr H Kollias at a business event I attended, about the developments in Neuroscience around setting and achieving goals.

A question was asked of the audience” What is your Rhythm or Strategic beat when it comes to achieving goals?”

I must admit onlooking around, quite a lot of blank yet curious faces. For those present who had heard the quality of his previous talks; knew it was going to be an interesting and thought provoking talk.  We were in for the ride

 For the purpose of this talk, the analogy was music. Think of a sheet of music.

 Rhythm – is based on feelings (spaces) whereas Strategic Beat was based on science ( notes) 

Strategic beat is finding the tension inside you to take advantage.   Things that are done in certain ways, for me I refer this as habits or rituals. Once created no thought is put into doing it.

An example comes to mind which no doubt at some time you have been asked to do. Cross your arms without thinking. Now look down and see which arm is on top? Now reverse the order…  What did you find? Yep without thinking, depending whether you are right handed or left handed you generally cross your arms in that manner; when asked to reverse this you had to really stop and think what you were doing; and… it felt uncomfortable!

Maybe in business you do certain things in a certain way for years, and… it’s not until you have a new staff member who asks you why you do it that way that you really start  to question( maybe inner self) or just say “it’s always been done that way”  Guilty I scream inside myself and chuckle with others as they also have been caught out.

 Strategic Beat   comes in 2 parts, referred to as the 2xC’s


Contingency – planning for what can go wrong.  You are actually thinking through what you are about to do; chunk the goal into bit size with “IF Then” statements. 

With Neuroscience, they’ve found,  moving towards something uses the positive part of the brain whereas moving away from uses the negative part of the brain. I suppose the best example of this is… you set to achieve a goal because you don’t want that thing to happen, instead of  wanting the end result.

So…if you are moving towards something it is a positive experience and you are in solution mode, whereas, you are moving away from (unless life threatening), putting you in to resistant mode

The gem of the talk is Ask yourself “ If this happens I’ll do this….”    Wham! You’re in Solution mode

Context – changes the way you look at things.  They have found by just focusing on the finish line ignoring all the surrounds,  tells your brain your goal is a lot closer, easier and achievable

It was also recommended to do tasks in short sharp bursts of 45-90 minutes max, only one task at a time.  In other words, you chunk down the goal into bite sizes, focusing on one task at a time always moving forward towards your goal Woohoo!  No more undone to do lists! No more adding to the list to be done tomorrow

Who wants to De-Clutter their inbox?   Who has too many emails? Suffers from information overload?

Solution:  How to De-clutter your inbox.   Have two folders – Important and Later.

De-clutter everyday 5-10. Read the important, act on the important and move on

By the end of the week, you will find the’ Later folder’ contents are not relevant. By deleting the contents you will breathe a sigh of relief!

 By the end of two months you will only look at the Important.  yay!

This gives you the clarity of focus on what needs to be done, giving you the how to be in Solution Mode in achieving your goals


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