Fear-Being Afraid or Just Risk Adverse part three

     Fear -Being Afraid Of Risk or Just Risk Adverse  

    Part three


Remember self-talk first then solution given (they have…-get to…)

They have more resources – get to work and make it happen

Too much is going on (I’m busy) – eliminate or delegate with the right responsibility and accountability, gives you clarity

It won’t work – prove it!

I’m not good enough (funnily or sadly this has been one of my themes) – reframeYET! Develop a growth mindset and take action

Best antidote is to focus on the things that make you take progress. Ask yourself “is this taking me to or away from my goals?”

Find the right advice, find the right strategy to work and commit to!

When I go over this I can relate to my self –talk content …and ooh does it suck at times.

If it’s to be it’s up to me!

 I think we all have heard that at one time or not. For the life of me I cannot recall the name behind that quote


In concluding this conversation with you, there is One thing oops Two things more I will ask 

If you were to take action on one thing, what would that be?

Secondly, who is going to be your accountability partner to help you achieve?

Let’s make 2016 Your Year of Action! YAY!

Ps: Click here to let me know what action are you going to take?

Pps: You will find there is a common theme to  this self- talk that you choose to hold you back whether it’s improving your health and energy, business or career.

No more Fear- being Afraid of Risk or Just Risk Adverse

 Good luck and Go Forth! Action with No Buts

Cheers    Gail J  © 2016


Chat soon

Gail  🙂   ©2016

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