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How Does Change Make You Feel

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How does Change Make you feel?

Have you ever asked yourself how does change make you feel? Or… have you heard like I have, that ‘people don’t like change!’

For me change is simply put doing something differently! Attended a business meeting where this was talked about and… you know what it made sense. Come to think of it I can relate to all of the phases mentioned. Sometimes fleetingly; sometimes for long times, particularly, when I procrastinate.

As the speaker Dr H. Kollias put it…it is a process that’s all! And yes we all go through these phases to achieve change. Whew! No wonder it is so hard!

Have you ever thought what happens to you when someone mentions ‘change’? Do you become anxious – yes to that one… but sometimes I feel excited  or looking forward to the idea of change.


Now this can be fleeting or lasts for a short while before doubts and fe come on board. When this takes over everything else just flies out the window.

Then you have an attack of the ‘guilts’ because it’s not you! You can even think you have lost your identity particularly at your work or the role you play.


When I think of the different roles we play in our lives we can become, defensive, overwhelmed or depressed. It all makes sense! When we were once enthused or excited about the idea that we start to dig our heels in and become totally cold on the idea.



However, once we become familiar with the changes the good news is we have founds that it wasn’t that bad after all and start the acceptance phase


So the next time you are introducing changes you can expect all involved to be going through these phases at their own pace, not necessarily at the same time. It really is not easy… but, it Can Be Done! me, the best analogy for change is Nature

When I look at nature I am in awe! It is always evolving, or… it has died. In other word change is inevitable… yes we definitely live in a changing world

On the whole I find change invigorating, so, how does Change make you feel?

PS: I hope this is helpful for you the next time you start implementing changes and hit your first hurdle.

Love to hear your thoughts and experiences. What is it you dread most with change?



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Jaki Connaughton

“Just wanted to give a BIG hug & thanks to the lovely Gail Timms for inviting me to my 1st “Health Made Easy” Workshop last weekend in Brisbane. It was so good to catch up and listen to some brilliant speakers at the event on topics ranging from mental health to nutrition.

For anyone intersted in increasing their health and overall wellbeing (who isn’t:)..these monthly workshops are a must to attend!..check out for more information and some wonderful offers!:)”

Liz Parker – VA Placements

“Gail has a fantastic personality and a warm and friendly disposition. Her commitment to her business and clients to obtain the right results is amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending Gail’s service as I know that she will work with you to ensure you get the results you are looking for.”

Liz Parker – VA Placements

Margaret Sims – Your Future Direction

“I went to a Presentation by Gail on 28 February on ‘Reading Food Labels for Good Health’. It was very informative and fun. Gail didn’t ask us to be perfect but just to be aware of the salt and sugar in processed food and make the best choices possible. I keep Gail’s ‘How to Read a Food Label’ card in my purse and refer to it all the time when I am shopping.”

Margaret Sims – Your Future Direction

Colette Quelhurst

“Gail is a pleasure to work with. She is always up-beat and motivated, and never fails to find the right solution for the issues I put to her. She stays in regular contact too, and she builds a great relationship with people she meets. I am so glad to have found Gail!”

Aleta Miller

“Gail provides a great personalised service and excellent advice on which products will work for you, i especially like the money back guarantee which allows me to change the products if they are not working for me. Gail provided me with professional, friendly and personalised information and advice regarding. Great communication and follow-up. Definitely Recommend Gail for your skin care needs. I will be using her again.”

Aleta Miller LinkedIn

Amanda McCall

“It was awesome finding out more about Gail Timms and Health Made Easy last night. It was a pleasure to attend the information evening. Anyone interested in hearing more about a 10 minute workout (yes, 10 minutes) and attaining Optimal Health needs to speak to Gail Timms.”

Martyn Fleming – Morpheus Property

“I share breakfast with Gail once a week at our Australian Business Clubs (ABC) meetings and Gail has proven herself to be an inspiration for the members and an insatiable networker. I can thoroughly recommend Gail if you’re looking to expand your business network or learn more about nutrition, how to reprogram your mindset, increase your fitness and focus on other areas of self-improvement. To learn more, join in our chats on Gail’s Facebook group – See you there!”

Martyn Fleming – Morpheus Property