Gail Timms

gail_timmsHi, I‘m Gail Timms, am an avid reader, have a great sense of humour, living in Brisbane. A mum of three great  adult daughters, who continue to give me heaps of joy.

When I was giving up nursing in the community, I looked for ways to continue my passion of making a difference to peoples’ health and so my business was born.

Little did I know what a huge decision I had made! It has been a huge learning curve, transitioning from nursing to being a business owner, with all the fears, doubts, questioning myself whether this was truly for me…let alone make a success of it.  Yep it is!

My motto is “you are never too old to learn, in actual fact, learning keeps you younger!”

In the latter part of my nursing career, I loved empowering, facilitating and educating people being proactive in the preventative health areas of their life. Seeing and experiencing their AHA moments, the small steps they took daily to achieve the changes they wanted, and… their big smiles saying “they felt ten feet tall.

I have learnt so much from my clients and the people I’ve worked with. Showing me where my special talents lay, and what they were really wanting to know. Combining my skills, strengths, and many tools available, I have been able to achieve better results.

My Mission is… our future- generations lead healthier, happier and meaningful lives. As women, we can contribute to society and effect the changes for this to happen.

In today’s busy society with all the stresses and demands, I am committed to finding your solutions, empowering, proactively encouraging , in sharing the knowledge you need to know,  the resources to find it; and…implementing to achieve results

My Secret talent, umm… now, not so secret!  My introduction to leadership and teamwork was being a leader, facilitating activities in the local Youth Club, many moons ago.

What Strengths and Skills I Offer You

Over the time I have cared for a broad cross section of the community from very young to adults of many years. With the art of solution seeking, through listening, teaching, reading and empowerment; I can identify with you, the why and the how; give you the tools to facilitate better results, as well as uplifting encouragement when needed.

The business skills I have learned from network marketing, business networking groups, mentors, Networking Chats, Women’s Network Australia, many more networking events and seminars I use to the best of my ability to get better results.

It is these skills I draw my strengths from, always respecting where people are starting from.

I eagerly continue with learning and developing so I can create a successful and sustainable business, whilst helping others achieve.

My business is a referral- based business, using the many mediums, including social media, commercial networking-with a strong focus of adding value for mutual businesses growth, word of mouth and many networking events.