About Energisus

energisus-tagThe name Energisus (pronounced energize us) was formed from two words energy and us; symbolising collaboration, for clients being vibrantly healthy with loads of energy and confidence. In other words a Superwoman!

Why Women you may ask?

In business they are always saying you need to niche your business. I enjoy working predominantly with busy women 50  and after, who are absolutely fed up to the Max, want to have Oodles of Energy and Confidence, Thrive Effortlessly and Live Vibrantly Well.

However, the strategies and systems recommended are not gender specific.

At Energisus, we are committed to you achieving your best results, always starting from where you are at! We do this through our Discovery Session which is a simple process of working together, to help you have that breakthrough and move forward to get your best results.

We pay special attention to Mindset and adding value, having found this is the key to your success. It changes old thinking to different thinking; giving you clarity of purpose and support, which helps when things seem to stall, and gives you more than a slight edge to success!

 Energisus has 3 Simple and effective  weight loss strategies for  you that will fit in with your busy schedule without Starving and having Cravings!

It’s as simple as 1 2 3


Our Systemised Discovery Session to have that breakthrough and move forward is a simple process helping you to remove any hassles,  together we discover  where you want to be, what is slowing you down, prioritise your needs, and… seeing if there is a fit and then, only then, designing a personalised plan to help you achieve your best results.

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Your downfall?


Is this you?  You know deep down that snacking is your downfall. You tell yourself one won’t hurt!  You are low in energy and you need that instant uplift, and you missed breakfast this morning.

Are you craving for that instant sugar fix?

Or… you just want somewhere to start and then progress further down the track, if it all fits.

Our Healthy Snacking Re-education Strategy is for you! We use the same strategy as our Discovery Session with a targeted focus on snacking and then designing a strategy you can fit into your busy schedule and at the same time you lose weight, gain more clarity, energy, and…Save Money and Time

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You Hate Going to the Gym…You Just Want to Lose Weight!

Imagine looking and feeling fantastic in jeans again, and wearing all your favourite clothes confidently without… having to buy new clothes to try and fit into!

Are you still asking yourself … How can I lose weight Fast? Tried everything and it all seems to come back and more…and the jeans have definitely become squishy, and I can’t even fit into my favourite clothes.

Are you like me and just dread going the Gym?  You feel totally embarrassed as you try to do the exercises they give you; and when you look around others just don’t seem to have any trouble. Uugh! You know you need to do something, but does it have to be going to the Gym?  All I want is Simple Exercise and Lose Weight!

Incidental movement and walking is a great way to start and then graduate to the Ten Minute  Doable Breakthrough Program.  All you need is Ten Minutes every day! Yes…ten Minutes a day!

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