Do Choices Have Consequences ?

Do Choices Have Consequences? –   yes they do, just as the sun rises and the sun sets


The difference between us humans and animals is being able to make a choice.  I am sure you have heard this before!

Choices do have consequences, just as the sun rises and the sun sets. Sometimes, it can be great other times it can be disastrous. I don’t know if you stayed up later than normal to watch your favourite Olympic event and of course had to be the Australians participating. Umm…! I said to myself when looking into the mirror after a late night/early morning. Not a pretty sight! Note to self – two choices stay up late or watch the replays when they come on.

We all are free to choose but not the consequences of that choice. Have you ever noticed that with every choice you make, the consequence of which, affects you emotionally.

Why does this matter you may ask?  In business this is extremely important, that’s why another perspective is vital.  Hang on a minute, “that means I’m not in control” Wrong, our brain can sometimes choose the decision we want but necessarily means it is the right one. There is an old adage which I am sure you have heard “two heads are better than one”  I am positive that is not referring to tossing of a coin

Another way of looking at it, is, that most of us choose the least risky option as we all hate uncertainties, and can get caught up in looking for what’s missing   Have you ever looked at the pros and cons when trying to make a decision?   I have!  Did it help- not really I then got caught up in that cycle of which one

It was suggested that I look at things in a totally different mindset.   A mindset of: looking at choices in the framework of alternatives.  The ‘What if scenario’…, where the outcomes

are on a par of each other but each are different.

Best alternative then equals the best reason to do that.  Amazing, how this put a totally different picture on things

Celebrate the choices that challenge you,   they are definitely worth it, they help you grow, and become the real person you want to be

Do Choices  have consequences?  Yes… just as the sun rises and the sun sets!



Gail Timms © 2016

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